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Weekend Reads 4/27/19

The End Of Empathy

Breithaupt is alarmed at the apparent new virus of selective empathy and how it's deepening divisions. If we embrace it, he says, then "basically you give up on civil society at that point. You give up on democracy. Because if you feed into this division more and you let it happen, it will become so strong that it becomes dangerous."

Trump administration puts offshore drilling expansion in Arctic, Atlantic on ice

The decision not to pursue lease sales in the Arctic and some areas of the Atlantic is a significant one for the Interior Department (DOI) and the Trump administration, which promised to roll back drilling moratoriums that the Obama administration had imposed.

Workers Love AirPods Because Employers Stole Their Walls

For Americans who have already joined the office workforce, AirPods serve a different purpose: tuning out your co-workers without looking excessively hostile. In that capacity, they’ve become indispensable to lots of people because the hard surfaces, high ceilings, and empty spaces common in open offices help sounds carry.

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