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Weekend Reads 4/14/18

Why Do Fantasy Novels Have So Much Food?

Maslen believes food is one of the distinguishing features of fantasy literature. Whether its butter-pie or stew, food acts as an anchor against novels’ horror and high stakes. Fantasy writers, he says, “are very keen not to just induce horror and terror, but also wonder, surprise, delight, and amazement.” When challenging readers with the frightening and strange, food “anchors their experience in something they know well.”

Paul Ryan isn’t retiring because he’d lose. He’s retiring because Republicans are screwed.

One big problem for House Republicans is Donald Trump. Trump is extremely popular with Republicans, but he doesn’t have coattails. So far in 2018, Democrats have overperformed in special elections and state elections. In 2016, even though Trump won the White House, the Republican majority in the House shrank. And Republican candidates attempting to run in his image don’t get a boost either.

At Auschwitz, thousands join the March of the Living to honor the dead

“I told them that the audience won’t applaud when they perform but that the souls hovering there will appreciate their music.”

When they began to perform, Roth said, “it was a warm night with no wind. But right then a breeze picked up and by the time they had finished the trees were blowing up a storm.”

Ajit Pai refuses Democrats’ request to revoke Sinclair broadcast licenses

Pai said much the same after Trump made his statement regarding NBC—but there were some notable differences between Pai's response to the Trump incident and this week's dispute with Democrats.

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