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Weekend Reads 3/7/15

Capital Punishment and Jailhouse Religion

I won't go into the details of Gissendaner's amazing story. You can read it here. However, I do have a question for my fellow Christians who support the death penalty, but who also support the commuting of Gissendaner's death sentence. Here is the question: "Would you support commuting her death sentence if the radical change in her life was due to her conversion, not to Christianity, but to Islam?"

Scott Walker’s problem

Moreover, Walker seems stuck on one talking point, toughness against unions, which underscores his lack of foreign policy experience. The moderator at Club for Growth went so far as to tell Walker the word from New York donors was that he was “not prepared to talk about foreign policy.” Walker fed the narrative that he is solely concerned with economic issues by dismissing as distractions other questions he has been asked lately.

Tom Schweich and and words that kill  

Politics have always been a blood sport, a fact that some find worthy of boasting. But as we consider that America has lost a good man who was aspirational in his politics and inspirational in his private life, we face a question with an implicitly foreboding answer: Why would any decent person want to run for public office?

The World, Ceres

Although the resolution is still a bit low—this was taken from about 46,000 kilometers away, with a resolution of about 4 km/pixel—there are some interesting things you can see. For example, the mysterious pair of bright spots stays very bright even as they rotate into darkness, finally fading once the Sun fully sets for them.


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