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Weekend Reads 3/28/15

Population could outpace water by mid-century

Data on global water use shows we are currently in a period of relatively stagnant growth, he said. Per-capita water use has been declining since 1980, largely due to improved efficiency measures and heightened public awareness of the importance of conserving Earth's limited supply of freshwater. This has helped offset the impacts of recent population growth.

"But if population growth trends continue, per-capita water use will have to decline even more sharply for there to be enough water to meet demand," Parolari said. The world's population is projected to surge to 9.6 billion by 2050, up from an estimated 7 billion today.

Why Are We (in the U.S.A.) Headed toward a Police State?

Why are U.S. citizens not more outraged about the pattern of misconduct on the part of the few? Why do they seem to get away with their misconduct?

I point the finger at our apathetic citizenry. Why are they apathetic about misconduct on the part of law enforcement? I suspect the reason is fear of criminals and terrorists.

Why your feeling of not having enough time is a lie

Your stress might not be due to the number of hours in your day—it might be coming from the drama that’s playing out on your to-do list, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Marketing Research.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Has Some Choice Words For Anyone Who Votes For A Climate Denier

“If you’re going to ignore Earth — and no one else is paying attention to Earth the way NASA is — you could be planting the seeds of your own destruction,” Tyson said. “It’d be different if most of [NASA’s budget] was spent on Earth, but that’s not the case.”


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