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Weekend Reads 3/23/19

After Christchurch shooting, Jewish communities share in trauma and healing

“(W)e feel compelled to come to the aid of those communities, just as our Jewish community was so compassionately supported only a few short months ago by people around the world of many faiths,” the fundraising page states. “We recall with love the immediate, overwhelming support Tree of Life received from our Muslim brothers and sisters in Pittsburgh.”

 Are Democrats Facing Their Own Tea Party-Style Reckoning?

Just as her Republican predecessors had to manage the Freedom Caucus’ demands for legislation that would endanger more vulnerable Republicans, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has to govern around the left’s highly energized and emergent “Herbal Tea Party” segment. That wing, led by vocal freshmen, is rooted in solidly Democratic, highly urbanized areas where incumbents’ only worry is securing their party’s nomination—and to do that, they need to appeal only to the base.

'Poppy Apocalypse': A California City Swarmed By Selfie Stick-Toting Tourists

The super bloom of 2019 goes by many names. Mayor Steve Manos has alternatively dubbed it "Poppypalooza" and the "poppy apocalypse." By Saturday night, Manos had estimated 50,000 visitors had come to the city, population 60,000, about a 90-minute drive from either Los Angeles or San Diego.

Why Are So Many Ancient Statues Nose-Less?

The majority of the images were kept in the civilization's tombs and temples. In the first, descendants of the deceased could feed their ancestor in the afterlife with gifts (sometimes, literally food). In the latter, mortals could send the gods offerings in return for their guardianship of Egypt. This belief gave these idols power – and the only way to take away that power was through acts of vandalism.

"The damaged part of the body is no longer able to do its job," Bleiberg explained.

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