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Weekend Reads 2/22/20

These Guys Figured Out a Way to Get Endless Free McDonald's

But who wants unlimited drinks with nothing to sink your teeth into? "I played around with the coupon generator and, after about five hours, I discovered another vulnerability," he explained – a vulnerability that allowed them to order free food.

Chaos deepens among Democrats after Bloomberg's misfire

“The core of the dilemma that Democrats face right now is that neither Bloomberg nor Sanders will have an easy time uniting the party if they win the nomination,” he said. “They’re not Democrats.

“It’s going to take someone of enormous dexterity and skill to bring everybody together.”

Mysterious 'fast radio bursts' from deep space repeat themselves every 16 days

Because these bursts are so rare, unusual and bright — considering that they're visible from billions of light-years across space — physicists have tended to assume they come from a cataclysmic event, such as the collision of stars. This repeating pattern, however, suggests that something else is going on, that there's some sort of natural machine in the universe for pumping regular shrieks of radio energy across space.

Increased Voter Turnout Could Benefit Republicans Or Democrats In 2020

“Conventional wisdom has been that if all nonvoters turned up to vote there would be an overwhelming win for the Democratic Party,” said Evette Alexander, a director at the Knight Foundation who participated in the survey design. “But I think what we’re seeing in the survey is that both parties can and should try to engage. There is room for both parties to engage nonvoters and to both have turnout increase.”

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