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Weekend Reads 2/11/17

Trump May Be the End of the World As We Know It—But For Some Evangelicals, That's Just Fine

Clarke and his followers talk enthusiastically about events they clearly perceive as eventualities: signs in the heavens, the bloodshed of nations at Armageddon, the final destruction of non-believers in the winepress of God’s wrath.

And here’s the thing: they’re excited about all this. Opinions on Trump’s purpose vary, but the overriding plot point is that Trump was ordained by God, and if he brings chaos, terrific! Bring on the end days! The tone is jovial, even smug, as if they’re discussing the plot of a popcorn flick that doesn’t affect them.

Because in their world, it doesn’t—they’re going to be raptured, just like my family was supposed to be back in ’97.

No, you’re not entitled to your opinion

If "Everyone’s entitled to their opinion" just means no-one has the right to stop people thinking and saying whatever they want, then the statement is true, but fairly trivial. No one can stop you saying that vaccines cause autism, no matter how many times that claim has been disproven.

But if "entitled to an opinion" means "entitled to have your views treated as serious candidates for the truth" then it’s pretty clearly false. And this too is a distinction that tends to get blurred.

Answers from Genesis: Reclaiming the Biblical Authority of Joseph’s Global Famine (satire)

Today, literal seven-day creation, the Garden of Eden and Noah’s Flood get all the attention when it comes to globally transformative events in the Earth’s history. Sadly, Joseph’s Global Famine, recorded for us in Genesis 41, has long been overlooked – or even dismissed – by many Biblical scholars and scientists. Yes, we all know the story about Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams but unlike Noah who saved the whole world from a flood, Joseph’s famine has been relegated to a local event. But surely, since every verse of the Bible is inerrant in every detail including all aspects related to biology, geology and weather forecasting, the account of Joseph’s saving the entire world from starvation needs to be told and vigorously defended. To deny this eyewitness testimony of a global catastrophe is tantamount to denying the reality of a global flood and will inextricably lead to the denial of the resurrection of Christ.

Christ, Not America, First

Will our opinions about national security, foreign policy, financial security, economic impact, logistical capacity, and political arguments appease God when we’re asked about how we treated the refugee, the immigrant, the widow, the orphan, the oppressed, and ‘the least of these’?

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