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Weekend Reads 1/30/16

Researchers have developed an extremely effective “sarcasm detector”

But what makes this project different than others is its focus on contextual information. When people use sarcasm, there’s quite a bit of background knowledge that’s shared between the two…[B]y understanding contextual information—like who wrote the text and if it’s being shared with friends or the general public—it’ll be easier to recognize sarcasm.

Against Trump

Indeed, Trump’s politics are those of an averagely well-informed businessman: Washington is full of problems; I am a problem-solver; let me at them. But if you have no familiarity with the relevant details and the levers of power, and no clear principles to guide you, you will, like most tenderfeet, get rolled.

Why Bernie Sanders’ Misinformed Supreme Court Tweet Matters

Given the sheer number of vacancies likely to emerge in the next presidential term and the unlikeliness that at major legislation will move forward, the next president’s Supreme Court appointments will likely be their most important legacy — especially if that president replaces a justice appointed by a member of the other political party.

‘Super intoxicated’ Montana cop shoves his gun in Asian man’s face for being ‘an ISIS’

According to court records, Clark began hitting C.F. before asking him to name the capital of Thailand and punched him in the groin, yelling “Bangkok.” The drunken bigot cop then walked away.

As C.F.’s friend was telling him that it would probably be a good idea for him to leave, Clark became aggressive once again. He then pulled out his pistol, with his finger on the trigger, shoved it in C.F’s face and began referring to his non-Muslim Asian victim as “an ISIS.”

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