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Weekend Reads 12/15/18

Oakland official: “We want to get Americans out of their cars and solve racism”

When I opened the discussion by asking if the e-scooters were good or bad for the city, he took a step back and reminded us all about urban history and city planning in America.

There’s extensive academic and journalistic work that demonstrates how the 1950s-era interstate highway system exacerbated racist housing policies, stomped local communities of color, and significantly contributed to poverty in many areas.

Millions of Degrees and Plasma Dreams: NASA's Parker Solar Probe Basks in the Sun

The mission hopes to sample plasma from the solar corona to see what's going on there. The corona, which means "crown" in Latin and Spanish, is the plasma halo of the star and is its outermost layer of atmosphere.

Stop Glorifying Christendom and Follow Christ Instead

Immigrants and refugees are rejected, individuals are deported, families are ripped apart, Muslims vilified — and their countries bombed, women assaulted, people of color attacked, and society filled with systemic oppression, all while Christendom works to hoard wealth, political influence, and power. It disguises such evil as being “spirituality” and covers its tracks by misusing scripture and selectively adapting doctrines to accommodate selfish desires. While the love of Christ benefits others, the machinations of Christendom benefits only itself.

Trump is pushing Vietnam to accept deportees who have lived in the US for over 20 years

This is part of a broader pattern for the Trump administration: Its policies are pushing people who have already put down roots in the US closer to deportation, with no attention to the role the US played in the circumstances that made them come here to begin with. (This is the same approach that Trump has taken in attempting to end Temporary Protected Status for hundreds of thousands of immigrants, and in trying to rescind protections of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program for unauthorized immigrants who came to the US as children.)

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