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Weekend Reads 10/20/18

Group brings anti-Native costume petition to Yandy, CEO threatens to call police 

Recently, Yandy has pulled their “Yandy Brave Red Maiden” based on the fictional show, The Handmaid’s Tale, due to backlash. However, when confronted about their Native costumes that mock a real culture, they refuse to pull them because they simply make them too much money ($150,000 a year), and they haven’t seen enough demonstration and outrage from the public.

Diversity Is Not About Charity

If you have attended a progressive Church, you have likely heard a pastor talk about diversity and utter some variant of the phrase: “If Jesus can love them, then so can we.” This sentiment has been used to address multiple societal schisms ranging from LGBTQIA+ inclusion to racial integration and socioeconomic status.

This stance does little to counteract malicious beliefs.

Republican lawmakers react to the IPCC report – ‘we have scientists’ too!

Earth’s climate isn’t magical. Each of its changes has physical causes and will only “change back” if something causes them to do so. Trump’s claim is akin to arguing that if he gains 50 lbs by eating McDonald’s fast food every day he’ll eventually ‘change back’ to his less obese self. Doing so would require a physical cause, like a change in diet. Fossil fuels are the climate’s greasy fast food.

Senate And Governor Races Are Diverging Sharply In Some States

In three states — Massachusetts, Vermont and Maryland — it’s especially likely that voters will elect a Republican governor and a Democratic or independent senator. Other states with close contests for Senate or governor, such as Nevada or Wisconsin, could also see split outcomes. Even in states where the same party wins both the Senate and gubernatorial races, there will be at least some difference between the margin of victory in the two races.

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