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Weekend Reads 7/6/19

Ancient Chess Piece Bought For £5, Sold For £735,000

Sotheby's Alexander Kade, specialized in European sculpture and works of art, told BBC that when he first saw the piece as the family brought it for valuation, he exclaimed: "Oh my goodness, it's one of the Lewis Chessmen!"

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How the Rest of the World Views Americans

...and what we could do to improve that perception.

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Weekend Reads 6/29/19

Republicans Don’t Understand Democrats—And Democrats Don’t Understand Republicans

If the reasons for mutual hatred are rooted as much in mutual misunderstanding as in genuine differences of values, that suggests Americans’ divisions should in principle be easy to remedy. It’s all just a matter of education.

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The End of Civilization?

The sky is falling! A new report suggests a high likelihood of the end of human civilization by 2050, according to a pair of recent headlines, one by Nafeez Ahmed for Vice and one by James Felton for IFL Science.

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The Road Not Taken

But was it a positive difference, or a negative one? The poem is ambiguous.

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Weekend Reads 6/8/19

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Survey Says

According to a recent survey by CivicScience, a majority of Americans are opposed to teaching Arabic numerals in school. 56% of respondents answered no, while ony 29% answered yes. 15% had no opinion.

Additionally, a majority of Americans are opposed to teaching the creation theory of Catholic Priest Georges Lemaître. This time 53% said no, only 20% said yes, and 27% offered no opinion.

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Weekend Reads 6/1/19

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