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Myths and Legends

Skunk Outwits Coyote

A retelling of a Comanche myth

One day Coyote was hungry, and was out looking for something to eat, when he met up with Skunk, who was also hungry. "I have an idea," said Coyote. "Will you help me trick some prairie dogs so we can eat them?"

This sounded good to Skunk, so he said, "What do you propose?"

Coyote explained, "The prairie dog village is just over the next hill. You go lie down and pretend to be dead, and I'll catch us some prairie dogs."

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Red Horn

A retelling of a Ho-Chunk myth

Long, long ago, in a time before time, there was a lodge where ten brothers lived together. The oldest was a brave warrior named Kunu. Kunu was a good hunter and a good provider for his younger brothers, and they all respected him...except the youngest. The youngest brother was something of a mischief maker.

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How Deer Got His Horns

A retelling of a Cherokee myth

When the world was young, the animals would often amuse themselves by having contests, awarding special prizes to the winners.

Now Deer was the best runner, and Rabbit the best jumper. The animals would argue among themselves about which of the two was faster.

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Grandmother Spider and the Sun

A retelling of a Cherokee myth

Long ago, when the world was made, there was only darkness. There was much confusion, and people were always bumping into each other.

One day Fox told everyone he had seen the other side of the world, which was always light. He had asked the people of that place to share their light, but they were too greedy.

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The Creation of the World

A retelling of a Cherokee myth

When the world began there was only water and sky. The animals all lived in Galun'lati in the sky, and after a while it began to get crowded.

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The First Strawberries

A retelling of a Cherokee myth

In days long ago, the Great Spirit created First Man and First Woman. These two lived in harmony in a lodge on the edge of a forest, but sometimes they would argue.

One day, after a very bitter argument, First Woman became so angry with her husband that she left. She walked away down the forest path without looking back. First Man just watched her go.

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