Weekend Reads 9/17/16

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Climate Has Changed Before

Via XKCD. This timeline shows the last 22,000 years of climate change.


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Weekend Reads 9/10/16

This Celebrity Chef Wants to Revolutionize Your Burger

Indeed, Patterson and his business partner, Los Angeles food truck king Roy Choi, admit that their mission is a little crazy: They promise to use high-quality ingredients and pay employees a living wage—all while keeping prices low. (A cup of coffee is $2 and a cheeseburger costs $5.)

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Why Colin Kaepernick's Critics Are Wrong

If you pay attention to sports (or to social media), you've probably heard about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's decision not to stand when the national anthem is played before football games this year. In a locker-room interview, Kaepernick discussed some of the reasons for his protest.

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Weekend Reads 8/27/16

You Have Never Actually Eaten Mexican Food

In other words, the very foods that have come to characterize contemporary Mexican-American fare—cheese, flour tortillas, beef, cane sugar—didn't exist in America before the Europeans. And unfortunately those foods are linked to the obesity, diabetes, and cancer epidemics plaguing Mexican-American communities today.

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Making Humans Irrelevant

The robots are coming to take your job! Between self-service kiosks at fast-food restaurants and driverless Uber cars in Pittsburgh, more jobs are being automated out of the economy.

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Weekend Reads 8/20/16

If Bigfoot Were Real

I’d like to play a game and ponder things pertaining to the Bigfoot evidence, such as it is. It is, after all, great fun to wonder what the existence of Bigfoot would mean for field biology and ecology in North America, for conservation and wildlife management, for our understanding of primate evolution and diversity, and for the relationship we have with the rest of the natural world.

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Climate Change Casualties

The rat-like Bramble Cay melomys appears to have become extinct.

The rodent was known to have lived only on Bramble Cay, a minuscule atoll in the northeast Torres Strait, between the Cape York Peninsula in the Australian state of Queensland and the southern shores of Papua New Guinea. The long-tailed, whiskered creature, called the Bramble Cay melomys, was considered the only mammal endemic to the Great Barrier Reef.

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