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Life on Venus?

This discovery could change everything. At the very least, it could change what we know about how chemicals are synthesized under heat and pressure. Or it could be a sign of alien life.

Most of the headlines highlight the latter possibility.

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Messaging Aliens

A number of scientists have expressed concern about an action taken recently by another group of scientists.

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Have We Found Alien Life?

Yale postdoctoral astronomy fellow Tabetha Boyajian calls the star KIC 8462852 the most mysterious star in the universe. Boyajian and her colleagues have been studying the star for several years and have observed abrupt dimming on multiple occasions.

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The Drake Equation

The discovery last week of Kepler-452B, an earthlike planet orbiting a sunlike star in the habitable zone (sometimes known as the Goldilocks zone), has once again raised the question of whether we can find intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy.

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